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Self-Help Materials

Illustration of self-help materialsVisit our library of legal education materials that address a variety of legal areas including family, public benefits, housing, consumer, elder, children, education, energy and utility. The pamphlets were produced by LARCC and members of the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid.

Other Publications

CABHN Fever Newsletters

Legal Services Prog. - brochure (pdf) Servicios Legales - folleto (pdf)

ELDERS:  Additional legal information of special interest to seniors is available at

Tips from DSS


Town by Town 2015-Why CT Needs Social Services.  This data shows how many people depend on public benefits in each town in Connecticut.

Summary of Public Acts 2014

Summary of Public Acts 2013

Town by Town 2012

Summary of Public Acts 2010

Town by Town 2010 - Why CT Needs Social Services Programs (2/2010)
This data shows the importance of social services programs for all needy residents of the state – and for people who need help in your community!

Town by Town 2009 - Why CT Needs Social Services Programs

Affordable Housing Appeals Procedure - An Update (2/2008)
This document includes a summary of the major changes from PA 00-206, myths & facts, and more.

Housing Issues in the Small Claims Division of the Superior Court (2007)
Prepared by the Citizens Advisory Council for Housing Matters. This reference book summarizes the issues involved and the present state of the law for: (1) claims by the tenant for return of a security deposit, (2) claims by the landlord for back rent, and (3) claims by the landlord for property damage.

Health Care Facts (4/06) (pdf)
"Health Care Facts" combines brief descriptions of health care programs and issues with answers to questions about the impact of these topics now and in the future.

SAGA Issue Briefs Series. LARCC has issued two reports providing detailed information on the 29,000 CT residents who rely on SAGA Medical for their basic health care needs: CT's SAGA Program Faces Challenges and The Economic Impact of SAGA Medical Changes on Connecticut's Hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Summary of Public Acts 2010

Summary of Public Acts 2009 (pdf) (includes special session suppl.)

Summary of Public Acts 8/2008 (pdf)

Archived Summaries of Public Acts (2003 - 2007)

Impact of Welfare Reform in CT 7/03 (pdf)

Mapping Change 2005 (pdf)
Briefing papers on policies and programs affecting low-income people and recommendations for improvement.

Mapping Change 2003

Mapping Change 2002 | Mapping Change 02 update 1-page

Mapping Change 2001

Mapping Change 2000, Full version | Summary 2000

The Betrayal of Welfare for Working Families (12/2005)
What has happened to CT's welfare rolls since the Jobs First program began?

Know Your Rights on Hospital Debt (From the CT Center for a New Economy)
A handbook for CT hospital patients based on hospital debt collection laws.

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