CABHN: Who We Are

The Connecticut Alliance for Basic Human Needs (CABHN, pronounced "cabin") is a statewide network of over 3,000 members, including social service providers, advocates, religious organizations and leaders, and individuals concerned about issues affecting lower-income families and communities throughout Connecticut. CABHN was formed in 1992 to support and promote advocacy on welfare-related issues.

Our members represent a diverse range of experience, expertise, interests, and access to resources. Members share a common goal of improving services to low-income residents, strengthening our public benefits programs, and increasing supports to families to help them transition out of poverty and become self-sufficient and economically secure. We encourage the sharing of information and strategies to help advocates maximize their energy and resources. Find issues of the CABHN Fever newsletter.

CABHN Services:

  • Publishes CABHN Fever, a free monthly newsletter providing up-to-date information for providers, individuals, policy makers, and grassroots organizations on issues affecting lower-income individuals and families. Sign up to receive CABHN Fever!
  • Conducts monthly meetings held jointly with the Family Economic Success Network featuring guest speakers, updates on legislation, policies, programs, and more. These meetings also serve as a forum for networking and dialogue with organizations and advocates who share a common goal.
  • Distributes frequent electronic action alerts for members on legislative issues, upcoming events, opportunities to testify and take action on issues of interest, and opportunities for lower-income families to access programs or services throughout Connecticut.
  • Produces advocacy and outreach publications to promote improvements in programs and policies affecting lower-income families and communities throughout Connecticut.
  • Conducts statewide outreach and trainings on issues relating to public benefits, the legislative process, and the state budget.
  • Maintains a broad statewide network to help mobilize organizations, community providers, and lower-income individuals to advocate for policy change on the local, state, and federal level.

CABHN Fever Newsletter:

To receive CABHN Fever, sign up here or email or call (860) 616-4468.

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To contribute to CABHN:

Donations to CABHN are always welcome and appreciated! To contribute, please make your check out to “CABHN” and mail your donation to:

363 Main Street, 3rd floor
Hartford, CT 06106
Or call the number above with any questions.